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Anna Chen's short story serialisation - Jeb 'n' George Go Hunting, page 1


            "I'm sorry, I'm real, real sorry I done broke it, Jeb."

            "What, agin?" said Jeb, spitting a thick yellow gob out the window of the decrepit pick-up truck. "God damn, George, you're my little brother and I'll always love ya, but you sure are the most hog-fisted dang fool I ever done seen."

            George shifted his 300-pound frame in his two-thirds of the front seat and twisted a faded baseball cap in his ham-sized fists. He wiped away a tear and sniffed back a dribble of snot defying gravity on his plump upper lip.

            "Kin ya fix it fer me, please, Jeb? I promise I'll be real careful this time."

            "Swat you said last time, little brother. Gotta go through the whole damn rigmarole agin. Thissun only lasted ya a few months."

            "It's gittin' longer, ain't it Jeb? I'm gittin' better at lookin' after 'em, ain't I?" George whined, his swamp-brown eyes — set a little too close together in a pulpy over-sized face to conform to any classical ideal of beauty — looking up pleadingly like a puppy about to be trussed up and thrown into the creek, for in what passed for George's mind he was the picture of cuteness, like the big baby he was.

            "Might as well git it over with. Ya know the drill."

            "I sure will look after it this time, you'll see. I'll be real gentle. I'll show ya ah kin take care a ma pets real good, you'll see. Real, real good. Just like poppa."

            Jeb rummaged through the glove compartment, found what he was looking for among the rope, a couple of hunting knives, bottles, rags and general detritus, and pressed a switch.

            "Dammit, George, ya forgot to charge up the cattle-prod agin, ah sweah ..."

            Jeb shoved the gear into first and screeched up the dirt track towards the heat- shimmering highway, leaving a foxtail of dust in their wake. George bounced up and down gleefully in his seat.

            "Gee, sure is a long while since I been in a Mall. Wish I'd put on a fancy T-shirt like the one we got off that hitcher a ways back."

            "Ya look okay. Just stay upwind a city folks 'n' you'll be fine."

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