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Well, up until 22nd January 2007, this is where the 1994 Sunday Times review of Suzy Wrong in Edinburgh would have been. Until, that is, I received an email from News International lawyers on Friday threatening to take down my whole site if I didn't remove the item.

For an individual artist running a non-commerical website, they wanted to charge £400 per year to show my own review. Thanks for supporting the arts, Rupe.

I am not allowed to use anything at all from it. So here's my precis of what the jolly nice reviewer said about me.

Edinburgh Festival 21st August 1994

Jeremy Hodges writes that, in his furtive search for smut, he'd crept up the back stairs of the Pleasance Theatre to watch Suzy Wrong - Human Cannon. Suzy is "tall, oriental and gorgeous", wearing skin tight PVC with a strategically placed ring-pull zipper. The big question is: would Suzy put out ping-pong balls as suggested in her sharp publicity.

It turns out that Suzy is "charming, witty and sophisticated", and talks about being seen as a sex object. Hodges is, satirically we think, horrified by the brutality of his sex.

Then, in an amazing coup de theatre, Suzy whips out an inflatable sex-doll (Suzy with her Uzi, tee, hee!) and machine-guns the audience with ping-pong balls which shoot out of the nether regions of the doll "with formidable muzzle velocity".

Hodges concludes that it is an "intelligent, moral show with a clear message". Phew! And is clearly relieved that I kept my clothes on throughout.