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"Charming, witty and sophisticated ... I am entranced, won over."
The Sunday Times

"Hard hitting and often hilarious ... arresting ... engrossing and provoking."
The Scotsman

"... sensitive, intelligent ... insistent and illuminating."
The Herald

"A charismatic and attractive performer … original, amusing, rude and rousing."
Manchester Evening News

"It's the stuff of brilliant satire ... riveting."
The List

"... refreshingly original ...."
The Sunday Telegraph

"Suzy Wrong is blackly comic satire. Viciously precise vignettes illuminate the secret histories ... colonialist perceptions roasted on a spit and exquisitely skewered."
Sasha de Suinn, Plays and Players

"Very witty."
Graham Norton

"I'm taking you shoplifting."
Jenny Eclair

"Best press officer in the country"
Paul Foot on Anna's innovation of left UK politics

"Wise and wonderful creature ... transgressive being ... a disposition and complexion somewhere between a frolicking lamb and a rutting teenager that just discovered it was Britney."
Alan Pillay, "Comic Strip Presents" actor in Time Out

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