Anna Chen's Gallery - Biosphere 2, Arizona

Pictures taken during construction of the Biosphere 2 in Arizona, USA. Filmed for TV by director Irving Rappaport


Anna Chen Biosphere 2 during construction Arizona

Anna Chen at Biosphere 2 during construction


Anna Chen arthropods Biosphere 2 Arizona

Anna Chenby the arthropods' home, Biosphere 2


Anna Chen hard hat Biosphere 2 arthropods

Anna and the arthropods, Biosphere 2


Irving Rappaport biosphere 2 camera director

Irving Rappaport films in Biosphere 2


Irving Rappaport filming Biosphere 2, Arizona

Irving Rappaport and crew film marine biologist Gail in Biosphere 2


Irving Rappaport bioshpere biospherians arizona

Irving Rappaport and biospherians, Biosphere 2, Arizona


anna chen irving rappaport biosphere2 arizina desert

Anna Chen and Irving Rappaort at Biosphere 2, Arizona


Anna Chen sequoia saguaro cactus Arizona

Anna Chen and sequoia cacti in the Saguaro National Park, Arizona


anna chen cactus saguaro desert

Anna Chen in the Saguaro National Park, Arizona


Anna Chen Irving Rappaport train Tombstone Arizona

Anna Chen and Irving Rappaport break from Biosphere 2 to take a ride to Tombstone, Arizona

Photos (c) Anna Chen

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