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Anna Chen's gallery of photos, pictures and short movies


Anna Chen st ives comedy club

COMEDY GIG: Anna does stand-up at the opening night of the St Ives Comedy Club, Wednesday 2nd July 2008. With Matt Price and Demitris Deech. Pictures






anna chen poetry st ives

Anna reads poem "Under Deep Cover of the PTA" at the St Ives Arts Club Cafe Frug night, Monday 12th May 2008. Pictures and video






anna chen st ives poetry

Anna Chen reads poetry at Norway Square during the St Ives Literature Festival, May 2008. Photos and video Saturday 10th May 2008.






Anna Chen British Museum China Late Terracotts Army ExhibitionAnna Chen hosts the British Museum China Late event, 6th December 2007. Marking the First Emperor Terracotta Army Exhibition.




anna chen stand-up comedy washington commie mommy

Anna Chen's first stand-up comedy gig at The Washington, April 2007, Click on pic for video.

For full size photos of Anna's comedy gigs, click here.





Anna BBC R4 Chinese in BritainThe BBC Radio 4 launch of the Chinese in Britain series, 26/05/07. Click on pic for more.




Anna Chen comperes Chinese Trocadero Anna Chen comperes the Chinese New Year of the Pig 2007 Inside-Out art exhibition launching the TVU Gallery Centro at the Trocadero in London. Click on pic for more





Anna Chen Chi2 TrocaderoAnna Chen MCs at the Chinese City Showcase, Trocadero in London. Click on pic of Anna with Sarah and Liz from Chi2 for more





Anna Chen portrait Sukey Parnell Click on pic for full size portrait of Anna Chen by Sukey Parnell








anna chen catsuit bob carlos clarkeClick on pic for full size portrait of Anna Chen by Bob Carlos Clarke





Anna Chen Taikonaut BAC Slideshow - Taikonaut reading at the Oval House Theatre. Click on pic for YouTube page. Or click here for slideshow at this website






NME Tony Tyler New Musical Express New Musical Express (NME) writers and editors at Tony Tyler's funeral 6th November 2006. Click on pic for more photos of a historic gathering of the clan.



Anna Chen Grudge movie Madam MiaowThe Grudge Lonely Heart. Madam Miaow's Halloween offering. Please click on pic for YouTube page, then click on the star rating and leave a comment. Or click on titles for the film embeds on this website.

See Anna Chen's YouTube page for all her short movies


Anna Chen James MarstersClick on picture for more pix of Anna Chen, James Marsters and Charles Shaar Murray






Anna Chen Burt Kwouk BBC R4 Chinese in BritainAnna Chen with Burt Kwouk, one of my interviewees for the BBC Radio 4 history of the Chinese in Britain series, for broadcast April 2007. For more pix click on photo or click here




Anna Chen Biosphere 2 Irving RappaportAnna Chen inside Biosphere 2, Arizona, during construction. For more pix, click on the image





Anna Chen Madam Miaow squirrel movie Squirrel Stole My Grapes. Another Madam Miaow movie short.

Click on Anna's YouTube page for alll her short movies




Anna Chen Suzy Wrong EdinburghNew pix of Suzy Wrong at Edinburgh. For more pix of Anna Chen at the festival, click on photo or here







Anna Chen Anna May Wong tribute Sukey ParnellAnna Chen in the style of Anna May Wong by Sukey Parnell, 2004. Click on picture for larger version and centenary tribute. Or click here